From the Rural tourist Center "La Cerca de Doña Jimena", among many landscape, artistic and leisure options , we propose the following nearby routes, within a radius of 20 km:


1º: Green Route: Demanda mountain range Spurs:

Situated to the south-east of the province of Burgos. Crossed by the river Arlanza, it Is located inside the Iberian System, to the south of the spurs of Demanda mountain range. In the shade of its majestic peaks, almost always covered with snow, a series of landscape and human elements combine and convert the area into an attractive natural and tourist paradise. Alongside lush and extensive forests there are endless successions of glacial lakes. Next to curious deposits of dinosaurs’ fingerprints and fossilized trees you can visit the largest concentration of necropolis from the early medieval in Europe. Opposite an unrepeatable set of Romanesque porticoes there are numerous villages loaded with a rich popular array that rests in three fundamental props: the trashumance of the merino sheeps, the secular carter activity and the forest work.

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2º: Covarrubias (Castilian monumental villa):


3º: Route our origins: Atapuerca sites:


4º: Lara's Region:


5º: Burgos:

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